Issue Update: Senator Tester and the Hunters

Interesting natural resource politics in one of the crucial senate races in the West. Check out the comments below for a very lively interaction between the author and several activist readers. Sportsmen sealed reelection for Sen. Jon Tester Other notes: Sen. Tester is an organic farmer from Big Sandy, and was a speaker on our

Catie DeMets: This is my Classroom

I stood in the waning, golden sunlight of Montana, looking out at the fields that stretched towards Custer National Forest on the horizon. Out there, on the border of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, I felt a sense of peace, a sweeping openness, that has attracted hunters and ranchers to this place for hundreds of

Rae Fitzpatrick: In Balance at Stillwater

Let’s face it.  We need resources.  In a perfect world we could leave the forests and plains untouched and pristine.  It’s not a perfect world.  People concerned about the environment often forget this fact.  They use resources just like everyone else, but protest using damming rivers for hydroelectric power and mining for minerals that power

Anna Finkenauer: Life, Simplified

It stands before me; green, waist high and threatening explosion. Pressure from within is causing bulging and stretching on its surface. It weighs 50, maybe 55 pounds, but has the ability to make me crumble underneath it. No, it is not some crazy backcountry creature. It is my backpack, my source of survival for our

Catie DeMets: History in Plain View

We were in the middle of nowhere. The flat plains stretched infinitely into the dimming horizon. We had no cell phone reception, no way to communicate with our friends or family, and no trees to retreat behind in moments of introspection. Though this harsh, windswept landscape seemed to hide nothing nor allow anything to hide,

Catie DeMets: The Bob Marshall

On September 1st, the day after our uphill climb, we awoke to a stunning sunrise in the mountain meadow at the Nanny Creek headwaters. It rained the night before, clearing the summery smoke blown toward us from a forest fire in Idaho and making way for autumn. Indeed, the chilly y air had a decidedly

Rosie Macy: The Bob Marshall

August 31st, 2012 was the second day of our backpacking expedition in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area; little did we know, it would also be the most grueling and difficult. By the time we set out, I was already in poor spirits: I had woken up uncomfortable and exhausted, due to a deflated sleeping pad.
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