Lillian Schroeder: On Desert Time

The sun grazes the tops of the canyon walls as the songbirds sing and the clouds disappear. The air is cool and the breeze light. It is morning within the canyon. Today is our third layover day along the Dirty Devil, a winding silt-filled river flowing from up past Hanksville, UT, southeast down to the

Keagan McCully: Reorientation

A couple nights ago I awoke with a pounding in my head. My throat was uncomfortably dry, I was damp with sweat and my face felt like it was being pressed into the sand. I had somehow managed to position myself deep inside my sleeping bag, and I couldn’t see anything. I wanted to get

Sierra Deimling: Feeding Spiritual Hunger

If there are two things that have my heart, it’s quality food and sustainability. Industrial agriculture is riddled with such a vast array of environmental and social justice problems I could combust simply typing about it. Issues include, but are not limited to, inexcusably low labor wages, storms of pesticides and herbicides on the loose,